Regionality and Memory in History: Heroification of Kim Kyongso

EHESS - Salle 681  -  190-198, avenue de France  -  75013 Paris
Dans le cadre du séminaire spécial de l'UMR 8173 "Chine, Corée, Japon", Kim Sunjoo (Harvard-Yenching Professor of Korean History, Harvard University), professeure invitée à l'EHESS, donne une conférence intitulée "Regionality and Memory in History: Heroification of Kim Kyŏngsŏ".


Numerous scholarly works on “memory projects” as the culture and politics of nation-states in the modern world have been produced. Yet remaking of the pastis not the monopoly of modernity. This lecture investigates the problemof engineering memory in Chosŏn Korea. In particular, I examine the emergenceof new cultural imagery built by the state and its “national” elites tolegitimate the state's rule and its position in the changingenvironment of East Asia. This “national” project involved intellectualmovements to revisit and rewrite Chosŏn Korea's historical past. At thesame time, I investigate the construction of cultural identity by localelites as manifested in various cultural projects. In particular, Ianalyze the processes of inventing, commemorating, and enshrining“public memory”—and the historical and cultural contexts in which suchprocesses took place—through the case of Kim Kyŏngsŏ, a commandinggeneral during the Ming-Chosŏn joint war against the rising Jurchen in 1619.

  • le mardi 26 janvier 2016  de 10h  à 12h

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