The Early Turkish Novel : Namık Kemal, par Erol Köroglu

EHESS - Salle Lombard  -  96, boulevard Raspail  -  75006 Paris
Conférence de Erol Köroglu (université du Bosphore), professeur invité sur la chaire de l'IISMM.

Présentation Timour Muhidine :
Conférence en anglais
Erol Köroglu will introduce one of the main figures (novelist/essayist/ playwright) of the Ottoman XIXth century.  Better known for his polemical and newspaper articles, Namik Kemal remain as one of the founders of modern Turkish prose.
Most student of modern comparative literature should be interested by his approach of combined traditional and reformative (akin to Nahda literature) Turkish literature.
  • le mercredi 30 janvier 2013 à 14h

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