Trauma Trails and Memory Walks

Trauma Trails and Memory Walks

(Journeys. The International Journal of Travel & Travel Writing. Volume 13, Issue 2, Winter 2012)

Directed by Maria Pia Di Bella


Journeys is an interdisciplinary journal that explores travel as a practice and travel writing as a genre, reflecting the rich diversity of travel and journeys as social and cultural practices as well as their significance as metaphorical processes. The dual focus on experience and genre makes Journeys unique among scholarly journals concerning travel and is intended to draw into conversation scholars in such varied disciplines as anthropology, literary studies, social history, religious studies, human geography, and cultural studies.

Editors: Maria Pia Di Bella, CNRS-Iris-EHESS (Paris) and Brian Yothers, University of Texas (El Paso)

Trauma Trails and Memory Walks

  • Introduction
    Maria Pia Di Bella

  • In the Footsteps of Walter Benjamin
    Michael D. Jackson

  • Bodies in Motion: Pilgrims, Seers, and Religious Experience at Marian Apparition Sites
    Sandra L. Zimdars-Swartz

  • Touring the African Diaspora
    Cheryl Finley

  • Walking Memory: Berlin’s "Holocaust Trail"
    Maria Pia Di Bella

  • Mobile Sepulchre and Interactive Formats of Memorialization: On Funeral and Mourning Practices in Digital Art
    Maja Petrović-Šteger

  • Berghahn Journals. Journeys. The International Journal of Travel & Travel Writing. 2 issues p.a. ISSN: 1465-2609 (print) - ISSN: 1752-2358 (online)

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