Modernities, Class and the Contradictions of Globalization

Bacall and Bogart typify a particular time in film. Ekholm Friedman and Friedman define a particular time in anthropology. Bacall and Bogart did it with grace; Ekholm Friedman and Friedman do it with disciplinary elegance. What they do is to rethink anthropology, specifically by using global anthropology to explain the emergence and dynamics of the modern world. In Modernities, Class, and the Contradictions of Globalization, the second volume of their monumental The Anthropology of Global Systems, the authors introduce concepts and theoretical debates that have characterized different attempts to understand the global. Ekholm Friedman and Friedman help us understand the modern world's changing ethnographic landscape, forms of political order, and diverse modes of discourse. They are the Bacall and Bogart of systemic globalization."—Stephen Reyna, University of Manchester

In Modernities, Class, and the Contradictions of Globalization, two distinguished anthropologists look at how global processes have shaped the emergence of our dynamic and often difficult and contradictory modern world. The authors are particularly interested in structures that link individual human beings to more general social transformations. This book is a synthesis of the Friedmans' decades-long anthropological research into the human consequences--whether for good or bad--of globalization.

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Kajsa Ekholm Friedman est professeur (Lund University, Suède)
Jonathan Friedman est directeur d'études (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales)
  • le vendredi 6 janvier 2012
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