Emperor Meiji Virtually Not Seen or Heard : Representation of "Power" in Comparative Perspective

Salle 2 EHESS  -  105 bd Raspail  -  75006 Paris
Emiko OHNUKI-TIERNEY (University of Wisconsin) donnera une conférence dans le cadre du séminaire collectif du Centre Japon.


After a "refashioning" of the 1889 Imperial System in the Constitution of Imperial Japan, Emperor Meiji remained essentially imageless and wordless, in contrast to the blatant display of political power by European monarchs and modern dictators through their images and oratories.

The presentation offers some suggestions to deliberate upon this phenomenon, using both Japanese cultural explanations, such as the belief in the soul, and comparative perspective on the representations of political vis-B-vis religious power.

  • le mercredi 2 juin 2010  de 15h  à 17h

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