Categorizing Human Experience: Classification in Languages and Knowledge Systems

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The European COST Action A31 ‘Stability and Adaptation of Classification Systems in a Cross-Cultural Perspective’ has brought together researchers from such diverse fields as cognition, philosophy, linguistics, Near and Far Eastern studies,  sociology and computer science to analyse human categorisation as it is
reflected in classification systems. The research foci, namely, types of classification systems, strategies of knowledge organization, domain specificity, the universal or culture-dependent quality of
classification systems, as well as their comparative development,  stabilisation and adaptation, were addressed with reference to languages and texts from a variety of cultures across all periods of history. 

The final conference of this networking initiative, entitled ‘Categorizing Human Experience: Classification in Languages and Knowledge Systems’,  synthesises the results of four years of fruitful international and
interdisciplinary cooperation. Researchers from sixteen countries will address such topics as the typology of classifier systems, the computational approaches to categorization, organizing principles of the mind as they are reflected in different media, the classification of events and, lastly, the variation and adaptation of classification
systems. This broad approach to categorisation tendencies across cultures may therefore make the conference of interest to scholars working within disciplines ranging from cognition and linguistic typology through to anthropology and information sciences.
Local Organizer: : Thekla Wiebusch (CRLAO, CNRS-EHESS-INaLCO), A31 Action Chair

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  • du vendredi 14 mai 2010 à 08h30 au  dimanche 16 mai 2010 à 18h30

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