Colonial Legacies: numéro spécial

Vient de paraître : Social Anthropology/ Anthropologie Sociale, Volume 16, Issue 3, (October 2008), numéro spécial "Colonial legacies: the past in the present"

Table des matières

  • Benoît de L'Estoile: Introduction: The past as it lives now: an anthropology of colonial legacies
  • Peter Pels: What has anthropology learned from the anthropology of colonialism?
  • Nélia Dias: Double erasures: rewriting the past at the Musée du quai Branly
  • Didier Fassin: The embodied past. From paranoid style to politics of memory in South Africa
  • Paula López Caballero: Which heritage for which heirs? The pre-Columbian past and the colonial legacy in the national history of Mexico
  • Debate Section: João de Pina-Cabral & Jean Lydall : Larger truths and deeper understandings
  • Andreas Eckert, Reflecting colonialism (on F.Cooper)
  • Reviews

  • le lundi 19 janvier 2009
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