The EACL Spring Schools in Chinese Linguistics

Charles University

When will it be held?

Monday April 29th – Friday May 3rd 2013

What courses will be offered?

  • Christine Lamarre: Morphosyntactic variation in Chinese dialects
  • Claire Saillard: Sociolinguistics and language contact in the sinosphere
  • Lukas Zadrapa: Classical Chinese between Lexicon and Syntax
All participants are required to participate in all three courses.

Who can apply?

The EACLSpring school in Chinese Linguistics is organized for M.A. and Ph.D. students in Chinese linguistics affiliated to European universities.

How much is it to participate?

An attendance fee of 75-100 € will be charged (pending budget approval).
Accommodation and lunches are free, pending budget approval. Participants have to pay for all their transportation fees.
East European students may apply for financial support with the CCKF International Sinological Centre at Charles University in Prague. All participants, except for M.A. students, are required to be or to become members of the Association at the time of registration.
Student EACL membership fee: EUR 15 (see the EACL website for further details).

How can the payment of fees be processed?

Membership fees and attendance fees can be paid by money order, bank transfer or at the beginning of the Spring School.


(i) Good command of spoken and written Chinese and English.
(ii) Proven interest in Chinese linguistics
  • du lundi 17 décembre 2012 au  vendredi 3 mai 2013
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